December 29, 2016


16th Oct 2017


How Blockchain Could Give Us a Smarter Energy Grid


Power Ledger raises $34 million in one of Australia’s first successful initial coin offerings



Australian Bitcoin Adoption Increases Following Regulatory Amendments


12th Oct 2017

The Next Big Digital Disruption In Energy


10h October 2017

India Trials a Power Grid on the Blockchain to Incentivize Sustainable Energy


6th October 2017

Power Ledger’s Oz-first Bitcoin IPO surges to $34m



Aussie Solar Startup Power Ledger ICO Raises $34 Million AUD



$34 Million: Australian Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Completes ICO


4th October 2017

Energy company Power Ledger trades on innovation



Energy start-up carries out Australia’s first cryptocurrency raising



29th September 2017

Tech Mahindra, Power Ledger to test MaaS-based electricity solution


26th September 2017




22nd September 2017

Origin Energy trials solar trading with blockchain start-up Power Ledger



21st September 2017

Origin-Power Ledger trial seeks tariff solution


Origin Energy trials solar trading with blockchain start-up Power Ledger



Origin teams with Perth startup Power Ledger to trial Peer-to-peer energy trading platform



4th September 2017

Perth energy trading startup Power Ledger raises $17 million in 72 hours in pre-sale initial coin offering



31st August 2017

PowerLedger’s Bitcoin IPO powers towards $30m




29th August 2017

Power Ledger Initial Coin Offering Promotes Sustainable Energy



29th August 2017

Virtual Currency May Boost Australia’s Grass Roots Solar Trade



28th August 2017

Australian Solar Panels Manufacturer Uses ICO, Crypto Tokens for P2P Energy Trading



16th August 2017

Virtual currency may boost Australia’s grassroots solar trade



20th August 2017

Blockchains, Diamonds And The New Transparency



16th August 2017

Perth’s Power Ledger readies first Australia’s Bitcoin IPO



5th August 2017

Bill Tai Joins Blockchain Renewable Energy Company Power Ledger as Ambassador


4th August 2017

The energy industry used to be a simple beast


2nd August 2017

Blockchain and the Power of Singularity 


1st August 2017

Bill Tai Joins Blockchain Startup Power Ledger As Board Advisor


31st July 2017

In blockchain we trust – Power Ledger trial heralds an energy-trading revolution


20th July 2017

What Bitcoin And Solar Have In Common


13th July 2017

Could a blockchain-based electricity network change the energy market?


29th June 2017

Why is blockchain not a part of the business energy crisis debate?


22nd June 2017

Is Blockchain Really the Future of Energy?


24th May 2017

Energy and blockchain: here are the most promising applications


7th April 2017

The Australian start-ups challenging big power companies



17th March 2017

Australian Blockchain Startups to watch in 2017


Trial attracts international attention



7th March 2017

Blockchain is democratising sunshine – that’s a huge win


14th Feb 2017

Bitcoin and the Solar Energy Industry Are Booming in Sync



17th Jan 2016

Innovative firms set to soar this year


17th December 2016

Power Ledger: Fusing The Energy Industry With Blockchain Technology



14th December 2016

Australia’s Blockchain Solar Power-Trading Suburbs Take Shape


Australian Blockchain Energy Project Powerledger Expands with Large Scale Trial for P2P Energy Trading in Freemantle



2nd December 2016


Democracy of sunshine and shared energy puts OPEC on notice




Peer-to-peer solar trading kicks off at WA housing




Blockchain set to light up Christmas



one step off the grid

1st December 2016

Peer-to-peer solar trading kicks off at WA housing development



Australian Financial Review

30th November 2016

Blockchain power trading for low-cost apartments




renew economy

25th November 2016

Blockchain network disruption coming, and Australia among pioneers




18th November 2016

The Blockchain Energy System Is Going To Be Great For Consumers




SEANZ is pleased to be able to support the announcement from one of our members Vector Limited that they will be trialling a peer-to-peer, blockchain based, energy trading platform.


renew economy

31st October 2016

NSW Coalition supports peer-to-peer trading for solar households

28th October 2016

Power Ledger expands trials of blockchain electricity trading




28th October 2016

Peer to Peer Blockchain-Fuelled Energy Trading to be Trialled in 500 Sites in New Zealand

Australia’s Power Ledger Expands Blockchain Energy Trials



25th October 2016


The smart grid is yesterday’s news. Here’s what’s next


14th October 2016


Australian Energy Startup using Blockchain Technology for Solar Energy Trading



10th October 2016


Australian Retirees To Cash In On Solar Power




Busselton retirees trial blockchain technology

Perth Company the Uber of residential solar



8th October 2016


Trading solar power: Retirees test way to beat shrinking feed-in tariffs




6th October 2016


Western Australia pioneers trading of surplus solar power between consumers



4th October 2016


lifeline worth billions being thrown to utilities after slump



30th September 2016


Vector sees early interest in peer-to-peer trading platform




Vector embraces the technological changes (subscription)




Smart networks will end 1950-style energy arguments



5th September 2016


Blockchain technology used for green energy



1st September 2016

energy news

Vector to start peer-to-peer trial in December



1st September 2016


Vector mum on likely impact on major retailers of new technologies

Trial of peer-to-peer energy trading system to start in Auckland in December



31st August 2016

Australian Financial Review

Perth blockchain power trading startup takes Aukland




Business News Western Australia

Power Ledger in NZ deal




Aussie solar sharing innovation Power Ledger heads to NZ



29th August 2016

understand solar

Bitcoin Technology to Fuel P2P Solar Revolution?



25th August 2016


Australians Want to Trade Excess Solar Power on Blockchain



24th August 2016

Business News Western Australia

Power shift disrupts traditional model

Power Ledger makes Techboard debut



19th August 2016

New Scientist

Blockchain grid to let neighbours trade solar power in Australia


18th August 2016

renew economy

Millennials want solar, storage, shared energy and an app for all that




Energy Trading Set to Turn to Blockchain



the west australian

Perth energy play looks at peer-to-peer trading



17th August 2016

Australian Financial Review

First Aussie blockchain uses much less energy



15th August 2016


Power Ledger sticks it to low solar feed-in tariffs



The age         WA Today

World-first trial lets WA residents sell their own excess solar power



Business News Western Australia

Perth blockchain tech for energy revolution



14th August 2016

Australian Financial Review

Blockchain to power P2P energy trading





Australian Neighborhood Selling Solar Energy with Blockchain Tech




Power Ledger trials blockchain-based energy grid and market near Perth



12th August 2016

Jemma Green interviewed by Adam Shand on 6PR radio – Australia’s first blockchain enabled peer-to-peer energy trials.

6PR logo




12th August 2016

renew economy

Bitcoin-inspired peer-to-peer solar trading trial kicks off in Perth



13th August 2016


Perth Startup Set to Begin Trials of P2P Energy Trading on the Blockchain



econotimes 2


Australian firm Power Ledger tests blockchain for peer-to-peer solar electricity trading



chain finance


Blockchain Technology Revolutionises Australian Solar Power Market



clean technica

Using Bitcoin Tech, Australians Test Selling Solar Electricity To Each Other

Blockchain-Based Peer-To-Peer Solar Energy Trading To Be Trialed In Perth



one step off the grid

Bitcoin-inspired peer-to-peer solar trading trial kicks off in Perth



12th August 2016

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Power Ledger to test solar power trading platform in Australia


bizz energy



global times

World-first trial allows West Australians to sell excess power to neighbors