Power Ledger Introduces Decentralized Peer to Peer Energy Transfer Network

September 3rd, 2017

Perth-based Power Ledger is decentralizing energy ecosystem through blockchain. It offers a peer to peer energy trading platform for its customers to sell their surplus solar power to others without any intermediary. This blockchain based system tracks the generation and consumption of solar energy by all participants and validates trade settlement based on pre-defined contract terms. Power Ledger platform allow users to login to the accounts and track the amounts of electricity consumed themselves or sold to others.

Need for Power (POWR) tokens

According to the latest Renew economy report, Australian solar power is expected to double by 2020, as households continue to invest in rooftop panels to reduce electricity bills. More than 90% of Australia’s solar energy is attributed to rooftop panels while large scale projects meet the remaining. Australian rooftops continue to remain the highest contributor for global solar energy.

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