The Newest Disruption in the Energy Sector: Crowd-funding of Solar Farms & Other Assets

After recently announcing Power Ledger’s partnership with Origin Energy, there has been a new influx of inquires and media about peer-to-peer energy trading across the network. As exciting as it is for Power Ledger, to be growing our Peer-to-Peer Application with several projects being announced this month alone, its important to highlight the other Applications supported by the Power Ledger Platform.

The one the Power Ledger Team are most excited about, is Asset Germination Events. An energy expert stated on Medium:

‘I looked it up and still have no idea what an Asset Germination Event could be, Google neither.’

Google, or anywhere else won’t be of much assistance, we at Power Ledger have created and championed this business model.

In our white paper, they are defined as ‘the sale or crowdfunding of an autonomous renewable energy asset which allocates ownership and distribution of income’. In simple language, they are events whereby POWR token holders can purchase a fraction of ownership of a renewable energy asset, be allocated its revenue accordingly to its share of the asset, and even trade their ownership with other POWR holders.

Therefore, Asset Germination Events are like mini-ICOs within the Power Ledger Ecosystem. Power Ledger will use a portion of its funds raised in its Token Generation Event towards buying renewable energy assets, like large-scale batteries and PV generation systems, to connect and bring into the Power Ledger Ecosystem.

As these assets generate and sell their power, the proceeds from their generation will be distributed to the beneficiaries of the asset. Through our Asset Germination Events, we will be assigning beneficiaries to the asset and in turn they will receive the benefit of its generation.

We envisage that these events will become hugely popular and the only way of participating in them will be through the Power Ledger Platform.

The POWR tokens submitted will not necessarily be used to pay for the Asset’s Germinations. The legal structure of the Asset beneficiaries will be determined according to the legal advice we receive in each jurisdiction and set up accordingly to be fully compliant.

Having said that, there may be token-friendly countries where participants are able to purchase the Assets directly using their POWR tokens, and in turn, trade them with other participants and Application Hosts through the Power Ledger Platform. This means a healthy and vibrant marketplace for fractions of asset ownership and creates additional demand for POWR tokens as more assets are added to the platform.

Power Ledger aims to deploy this application in 2018. Stay updated on our progress by subscribing to our newsletter.