September 29, 2017

Asset Germination Events

Asset Germination Events are defined in our White Paper as:

‘the sale or crowdfunding of an autonomous renewable energy asset which allocates ownership and distribution of income’.

In simple language, they are events whereby POWR token holders can purchase a fraction of ownership of a renewable energy asset, be allocated its revenue accordingly to its share of the asset, and even trade their ownership with other POWR holders.

Further information about Asset Germination Events:

  • Crowd-fund renewable energy assets on the blockchain
  • Contributors will be allocated revenue of the asset based on their proportion of ownership.
  • Power Ledger is the first platform to offer the ability to trade ownership of these assets. If a contributor needs immediate liquidity they can sell it through our platform to other buyers.
  • An asset may be a solar, wind or battery farm
  • Ownership does not have to be inclusive of everyone, a community could have a community-owned asset where only those who live there are eligible to contribute.
  • By owning POWR, the Power Ledger Ecosystem token, holders can also access a range of Power Ledger Applications, such as peer-to-peer energy trading in markets Power Ledger is operating in.
  • The future energy system will be low-cost, resilient and owned by the people of the world.
  • Initial projects will be announced here first when they are open for contributions

Power Ledger aims to deploy this application in 2018. Stay updated on our progress by subscribing to our newsletter.